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Company Profile

Company Profile

The Shibatech Corporation Ltd. offers a wide range of TOSHIBA residential, commercial and cargo lifts, as well as escalator for commercial and industrial purposes. Whether you own a High-rise building and require a safe and secured lift with eco-friendly modern technology based lift for your project or you own a multi-level home and need a home elevator for easier access, contact with us. We supply Toshiba Brand lift and elevator from Japan. We are the only company for TOSHIBA brand lifts in Bangladesh who can sale and promote the product with the partnership/Joint Venture with Toshiba for elevator and escalator sector.

Residential lifts

Add a stylish residential lift to your multi-level home. It will make life more convenient and add considerable value to your home. It will also make your home more accessible as you approach retirement age. Our home elevators are of the finest quality and can be contained different features like energy savings, eco-friendly, Earth-quack and fire protected.

Commercial lifts

We supply a range of high quality commercial lifts, suitable for buildings of seven levels and above. They don’t require much loads on building structures. The high rise building lift also made by high features with considerable price. We work with developers, builders, property managers and homeowners to make your building or home more accessible. We are also a registered building company and are available to help with the design and planning.

Cargo Lifts

For your Industry we are the pioneer company in Bangladesh to supply the more wide and high technology lift for our project. More safety features are included here.

Why are you chosen Toshiba Lifts?

It is our pleasure to pay our deep gratitude for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Joint venture Company Named SHIBATECH Corporation Ltd in the Elevator and Escalator Sector in Bangladesh Market. We have a long-term vision to ascertain a dedicated, skilled highly experience professionals and 24 hours available maintenance service house in this sector. We are the Authorized Sole distributor of TOSHIBA Elevator and Building System Corporation, Japan in the territory of Bangladesh. The combination of Asian high technologies and reliable Japanese Machine which result an innovative, modular concept in creative, architectural flexibility by combining elements from all key area. Toshiba has manufactured motors for over 100 year’s since1895. The motors produced by Toshiba Promise better quality assurance and quality control. In Japan, Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation (TELC) installed 43 units of elevators in October 2016 at the Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, a new 45-storey landmark residential and commercial complex. The installation included four units of Japan's largest capacity passenger elevators which can each accommodate 90 people. The elevators, which stop at the first, fourth and 29th floor, travel at 5m/s and can carry up to 1,000 passengers in ten minutes. As part of business continuity, eight elevators also boast an automatic recovery function in the event of earthquakes.

With the rise of skyscrapers in recent years, the need for more high-speed, high-capacity elevators has become increasingly important to enable users to move more efficiently within a building. Leveraging its experience in elevator solutions, Toshiba will continue to develop new technologies to address this need.

1. The Affordable, Technological Revolution by introducing special microprocessor base AC VFGL inverter control – a 32-bit microprocessor based system with the latest Compact and PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor)for space saving.

2. In order to propose safe and secure elevator, TOSHIBA ELCOSMO-III Energy Saving series focuses on environmental issues. The advanced technologies for energy consumption and resource saving concept of eco style

3. Energy Saving ELCOSMO-Ⅲ employs a newly developed compact gearless PMSM motor which enables high energy efficiency. Furthermore, by using a gearless motor, gear oil is not needed, which contributes to saving natural resources.

4. Over 30% deduction in power consumption (compared to conventional electric motor).

5. Gearless traction without gear oil for low vibration, low noise and better environmental conservation. Offering a well –structured range of various car designs.

6. Spanning the key architectural modes in the residential building, Office, Shopping Center, Hospital, hotel and commercial sector.

7. We are committed to ensure quickly and safely movement of passenger by hassle free vertical transportation.

8. With us you will experience a minimum of maintenance interruption due to highly reliable equipment which can be maintained mostly without down time.

9. Long term guarantee of un-interrupted supply of genuine spare parts from the manufacturer.

10. A group of management, engineers and technical persons being widely and properly trained up as to meet all aspect of Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance and after sales service along with wide range of Installation and Maintenance instrument.

We are confident and hope that TOSHIBA lift will match your requirement in all respect. It will be our great pleasure to hear from you soon.